Why Purpose

Purpose Consulting helps women begin to accept, align and accelerate their purpose into a prosperous business. We help boss women find the power in their voice, their unique identity and public persona in an all inclusive approach. We are no longer along you to keep trying until you get it right or somethings stick; but we are using the four keys to discovering one's divine purpose.   

From being clear on who God created you to be and creating a business that is foundation strong, to having a brand that speaks your true essence and creates a 6-figure income. Our services include business formation, brand identity, brand strategy, grant writing; creating streamlined offers and more! Purpose Consulting is hear to walk with you into your true purpose. 


Are You...

Tired of tossing back and forth in your purpose? Are you determined to make it? To live the life God has intended for you?


Are you uncertain where to start? Uncertain on how to align your business goals with God's will for you? Does the business not look the way you pictured? Are you lacking presence and sales? Do you need  funding to make the business succeed?

Do you feel like you are wearing so many hates and you can't seem to find balance? Is it overwhelming trying to bring your vision to life and understand if it aligns to your purpose? 

It's time to align your business, to your purpose!

From the moment you accept to your purpose and take the entrepreneurial journey to the established boss who is ready to accelerate and intensify her brand, we walk with you to equip you to build an unique, purpose driven brand that speaks clearly of who you are. We walk with you so you can begin to prosper in the overflow. 



Nobody else has been designed the way that your are created. The world needs what you have--your mind, gifts and personality. You have been handcrafted for such a time as this and good works are in your DNA.

Once you have accepted this and you are ready to own your purpose, I will walk with you through formatting a business that is unique to you and create custom craftmanship to your brand.


I know we have all been told that a brand is colors, websites and fonts...but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Your brand is everything that you are. It is the inner photos of your being put together to create a masterpiece on purpose. Your brand is unique, magnetic and necessary to your purpose.  And, lucky for you my God-given purpose is to lead other women to a vision and brand that is unlike any other. 

After helping women from all over to create a brand and voice that is unique to their essence; I have learned no two visions or businesses are the same. Being able to figure out what to do, where, when and how is a task that seems impossible to most but with a visionary like B. Marie your brand the task is simple. 

ELEVATE to 6-figures

You have seen your purpose flourish and the pixels of your brand has come together in a masterpiece we often get discouraged on where do we go from here.  How to do we move from 4 and 5 figures a year to doing it in a month? How do we leverage and grow our brand to a new audience? Or even, where do a get the funding from?

B. Marie will teach you how to prosper in your purpose through our 6 step program that has been proven to create 5-6 figure months. Rather you are a Non-profit or For Profit, l will  show you how to create funnels and leads that will grow your audience in no time. We can even show you how to secure the bag through grants, fundraising, and offer reposition. 


Are you ready for Purpose

For years I struggled with overcoming the traumas of my past to walk into purpose. I felt unworthy and unclear on who I was and where to go. I settled for just creating an  income to survive and take care of my responsibilities. I spent years being unhappy and lonely because I wasn't doing what God had created me to. When I aligned my purpose with Him I begin to flourish and prosper. 

I then realized I cannot let another woman suffer in silence as they try to figure this business thing out. No more walking alone to your purpose, spending countless amount of money or energy and not prospering. It is time to create a brand that brings guaranteed success. 

Purpose Consulting is Here!

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