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Meet Bianca Marie

Correctional Officer who was lead by God to Begin to make impact and teach other people how to do the same through walking fully in their purpose and getting free money to fund their Big vision. I help women make impact, leave legacy and walk in purpose. 

Our Mission: To teach women to accept, align and accelerate their purpose to business and make impact

I know what it is like to have a big vision to do the work God has called you to and still have a desire to break generational curses by creating generational wealth. I thought that passion and Ministry = Broke. But that is not the case and I teach my clients how to change that narrative.


Meet the woman who has helped her clients get over $500K in free money. The woman who founded a non-profit program for girls that now has a center for girls that's decked out with the best tech. Meet Bianca Marie who helps women engage, elevate and experience their best by aligning their vision to the purpose God has for them. She helps boss women find the power in their voice, their unique identity and public persona in an all-inclusive approach. We are no longer allowing you to keep trying until you get it right or somethings stick; but we are using the four keys to bring that BIG vision into reality. From being clear on who God created you to be and creating a business that is foundational strong, to having a brand that speaks your true essence and creates a 6-figure income.

Nonprofit and Free Money Strategist, Purpose Coach, Author and Speaker

"Purpose is not an intellectual exercise; it is a contact sport. We're supposed to engage with uncertainty, fear and challenges. That is where we find out what God has predeposited inside of us." -Marshawn Daniels

Platforms & Communities


 Founder| Girl Live  (Business + Ministry)

Girl! Live! is an online ministry reaching hundreds of women around the world. Providing biblical teaching, bible study, support  and resources to walk by faith and focus on their purpose in Christ. We also host weekly podcast, retreats and brunches.


Founder| Motivated & Empowered Inc. (Youth Non-Profit)

Motivated and Empowered Inc is a serviced based organization that focuses on helping the girls of our community find their voice; beauty; and purpose and become and asset to themselves, their families and their community. We help girls through our Academy, Mentoring, and Resources. 


Co-Owner| Crawford Mortuary Transportation Services (Business)

Crawford Mortuary Transportation Services is a service based company that provides transportation pick-up of  deceased for funeral homes. Dressing the deceased and providing escort services. 


Owner| Youth 2 Church (Non-Profit)

Youth 2 Church is a service based company that helps churches revamp their youth ministries. Making them functional and favorable to the youth of the congregation and community. We help develop programs and services that fits the needs of the congregation and community that we learn from our observation period. 

Owner| Purpose Consulting (Business)

Purpose Consulting helps women make Big Impact with Free Money. By formatting legitimate non-profit organizations that does the work.

Owner| Bianca Marie (Business)

Bianca Marie offers coaching, classes, mentoring to women who are ready to stop living in uncertainty; pain and misunderstanding of their calling and they are ready to walk in purpose, power, and prosperity.

Big Vision. Big Funds

Having a BIG Vision and Calling to make a difference can be draining when your vision is bigger than your income. When you have Bills and a Calling sometimes you get stuck in a cycle of filling unfulfilled because you aren't doing what your really want to do. 

Or you want to grow your for profit to meet a greater need and create generational wealth. I took this desire and launched my nonprofit and scaled it to a six figure organization with FREE money. Now I teach every businesswoman who desire to have the bag and answer the calling to do the same.

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