Meet Bianca Marie

I am a testimony in ever since of the word. I am  an overcomer in every sense. I  was born to a teenage mother and at that very moment I was a statistic. I spent my life trying to fight the stereotypes that had been attached to me at birth. I experienced homelessness; molestation; rape; abuse; abandonment; and pain all by age of 8. I wouldn't allow that to stop me so I decided I would continue to fight.


     Education was my outlet; graduating high school a year early; and accepted to 22 different colleges and universities but told I wasn't allowed to go was the moment I realized that my life would never be like anyone else. I knew that there was a greater purpose for my life and the enemy was doing everything in his power to keep me from it.  I fought to get to college where I had the worse experiences. I was in a domestic violence relationship; homeless; and struggling trying to pay school off and graduate.  

     After being married to the love of my life, I allowed the toxicity of my past to affect my marriage and my mental state; but I knew I continue allow that to be my story anymore. I no longer wanted my story to be full of pain; turmoil and brokenness.  I knew that God had designed and called me to so much more than this. 

    After spending countless years trying to find myself and what I was called to do, it all clicked! I was a visionary created to help women see the full potential of their creation and teaching them how to brand that very thing. 

"Purpose is not an intellectual exercise; it is a contact sport. We're supposed to engage with uncertainty, fear and challenges. That is where we find out what God has predeposited inside of us." -Marshawn Daniels

Platforms & Communities


 Founder| Beautifully  M.E.  (Business + Ministry)

Beautifully M.E. offers  is an online ministry reaching hundreds of women around the world. Providing biblical teaching, bible study, support  and resources to walk by faith and focus on their purpose in Christ. 


Founder| Motivated & Empowered Inc. (Youth Non-Profit)

Motivated and Empowered Inc is a serviced based organization that focuses on helping the girls of our community find their voice; beauty; and purpose and become and asset to themselves, their families and their community. We help girls through our Academy, Mentoring, and Resources. 


Co-Owner| Crawford Mortuary Transportation Services (Business)

Crawford Mortuary Transportation Services is a service based company that provides transportation pick-up of  deceases for funeral homes. Dressing the deceased and providing escort services. 


Owner| Youth 2 Church (Business)

Youth 2 Church is a service based company that helps churches revamp their youth ministries. Making them functional and favorable to the youth of the congregation and community. We help develop programs and services that fits the needs of the congregation and community that we learn from our observation period. 

Owner| Purpose Consulting (Business)

Purpose Consulting helps when accept, align and accelerate their purpose into a crafted brand that speaks uniquely to their spiritual DNA. We format, brand and secure the bag for the Christian Woman. 

Owner| Bianca Marie (Business)

Bianca Marie offers coaching, classes, mentoring to women who are ready to stop living in uncertainty; pain and misunderstanding of their calling and they are ready to walk in purpose, power, and prosperity.

B. Marie Story

Bianca M. Crawford experienced much pain, abuse and trauma all of her childhood and into her early adulthood. She thought the her life would be nothing but pain & trauma. 

She was born to a teenage mom and from that moment she was labeled a statics and failure. She spent her childhood trying to fight the stereotypes that had been attached to her at birth. 

Bianca experienced homelessness; molestation; rape; abuse; abandonment and pain all by the age of 8. She wouldn't allow that to stop her so she continued to fight. 

Education was her outlet; graduating high school a year early; and accepted to 22 different colleges and universities but her struggle wouldn't stop there. She fought to get to college where she had the worse experiences. She was a victim of domestic violence; homelessness; and struggling trying to pay for school and graduate. 

Bianca answered the call placed on her heart to take her experiences and make sure that no other girl have to experience the same pain. She knew that pain she had experienced was not for her but for the lives she would change and save. Beautifully ME  was started because that's what pushed her past her motivation and self-empowerment. Teaching women these same skills will help them overcome some of the issues they deal with daily.


She knew that her story would save lives all across the world. She knew that she was called to a ministry of Empowerment and Encouragement. She is now  an Author of Broken 2 Grace; I'm Just A Girl..And I Like Journal; and Beautifully Broken Prayer Journal. She is the Founder of Motivated and Empowered Inc. She is also a business owner; owner of Beautifully Me and B. Marie Ministry. She is the CEO of Purpose Consulting as well. 

Alongside her husband of 8 years she is the Chief Operation Officer of Crawford Mortuary Transportation Services. She partner in ministry with her husband and is a licensed minister of the Gospel. Together they parent three amazing children. 

The Birth of Purpose Consulting

Purpose Consulting  was recently birthed in 2020 out of the vision that God gave me for every woman to walk in purpose; power and prosperity. Showing women how to balance the hats they wear and still walk in their calling. Walking in purpose means living the life we were created for and prospering in it. I wanted to teach women how to give their purpose and self a brand that is unique and speaks clearly to their audience.


Our Mission: To teach women to accept, align and accelerate their purpose to business and craft a brand that is unique

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