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You Cannot Afford to Not Do the Work! 

So many times we walk around feeling unfulfilled even though it look like we should have it all together. We are sitting in a place of "I want to do more." 

We all have a story and a vision to make a difference and make impact. And many times we don't do because we don't know how or we don't have the funds to really impact the way we envision.  But, now I am teaching you how to bring the BIG vision to life, with BIG impact and FREE Money. 

You deserve to benefit from the calling that has been placed on your life. To be able to make a difference in other people lives without wondering is this really benefiting me.

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"Nothing that has occurred in your life is a coincidence, and you're not behind. The good news is that your calling and gifting's ever expire."

What Does This Look Like 

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I will push you to be creative, think outside the box and how to simply be who you were created to be. In this time

- I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to file for  nonprofit business at a state and/or federal level,

-How to write your business plan, create a strategic plan and so much more.

-How to Properly Create a Road Map to Financial Success

- and get free money to make the impact.


Once you are done with this you will be able to align a brand that has an unmatched DNA and impacting lives all over the country.

Hear From Clients

Working with B. Marie Ministry/Purpose Consulting has been a game changer for me. I was stuck in a place not knowing which direction my vision would take me next. Bianca saw clearly what I needed to focus on and how to get me there. She asks the tough questions, gives the critical answers and supports you in going through the valley to get to the other side. Bianca has a unique talent for recognizing the potential in her clients and pointing out the areas of concern. She pushed me and I’m truly thankful to be affiliated with her.
~Nanekia Ansari, Just ONE Hot Mom Coaching Service

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