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Back 2 Purpose 4 Week Group Session 

This is for every woman who is ready to get back focused and come out of hiding. It is for the woman who feel like she has been through hell and now she wants to live in the overflow. She wants to put herself first and truly walk in her God-given purpose.


Can We Be Honest!


In 2018 I was pregnant with my third child. Being pregnant triggered the emotions of losing everything again because that’s what had happened with my other pregnancies. I was battling trying to mend my relationship with my mom and sisters and brothers… everything from my past hurts were coming to surface and I needed it to stop.

The depression became so real that I left my job and would just lay in the bed every day. I would get my family out the house and just lay in bed and sleep.

One day I begin to write my daughter and sons a good bye letter. I wanted them to know the world would be so much better without me.

As I begin to pray…”Lord take me and save my unborn son”. God said Bianca ask me why? Why the hell and hurt?

I begin to pray that prayer and one day God answered clearly

The rape, the failures, the broken relationships, the pain the hurt it wasn’t for you…. It was for the girls and women I assigned to you.

In this moment people begin to slander me and talk about me. I cried out God, why now?

God said, Bianca I am taking you to the nations and people are going to destroy you and talk about you and you cannot run! You have to withstand this and that because so many women need to know how to overcome.

Listen Sis! The fast Miracles may feel good, but the slow miracles feed good. You are equipped with manna that feed others in limitless ways but you have to get back to your purpose!! 

Why Do I need this?

When God gives us a purpose with directions, he doesn't put an asterisk or a question mark at the end. There is no fine print  that gives conditions or exceptions to where His word does not apply. But we all have a tendency to default to our emotions and current situations. But we have to learn to truly trust Him and His plans! 

The Female Boss needs this because the journey gets discouraging and confusing. We often time find ourselves trying to make it and be noticed that we forget the true calling and the promises at the beginning. This 4-weeks will allow you to get back to basics of what God has called you to and teach you how to prosper there. 

The Lady leading in Ministry needs this because distractions and blessing blockers cause us to get side tracked and behind on the vision and the calling. Now the platform that God has called you to is suffering in your absence. This course will help you declutter the uncertainty and be focused on the significance of the purpose. 

What's Happening?

Week 1- Girl! Clean Out Your Closet

During this week we will do some tough work on the places that we try to pack away as if they don't effect us but it is really hindering us. We will use B. Marie Book to guide us through this moment. 

Week 2- Purpose with a Plan

We will focus on clearly branding your purpose in business and ministry so it is handcrafted to you. We will create the plan that needs to be implemented after this. 

Week 3-Power in the Purpose

During this week we will learn how to manage it all with authority. We will learn how to overcome distractions, stillness and blessing blockers so we can get to the significance of our purpose. We will lay out the execution plan for the year and the steps to success. 

Week 4- Prosper in My Purpose

This week we will talk all things money! How to sale, how to get grants, how to hit your goals. Purpose doesn't equal broke! It equals favor in the walk. 

I Need This!


Includes access to weekly meetings, replay, FB Support Group, and Downloadable Resources

VIP $$99

Includes all of the Access Package +two Strategy Calls with B. Marie

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Access VIP $340

Includes VIP plus  a 4 hour work session with B. Mare that will cover business formation, branding, and funding!

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We begin December 6th and you don't want to miss this sis!